5 Most Online Games Played Throughout the Year 2016

Smartphone Games – 5 Most Online Games Played in 2016 – The year 2016 is already over. The popularity of poker online games that rose drastically in the last year is likely to increase this year 2017. You game lovers may be curious, what are the online games most often played by gamers in 2016? We have encapsulated it for you.


1.League Of Legends


This game was released by Roit Games for Windows and Mac OSX on October 27, 2009. In this game the players have to fight against other players in the online battle arena. They must destroy the “nexus” of the opponent who is in the enemy’s enemy fortress.

For that they must collect a number of items and experience of fighting to increase the power in order to be able to defeat the enemy. By the end of 2016 this game has been played by 27 million players from all over the world.


2.World OF Warcraft


This is a Guinness World Record-breaking game that has 100 million player accounts since it was first launched. Game released in 2004 is ‘selling’ adventure game with the point of view of first or third person. Players are required to adventure, complete missions, conquer monsters and interact with other players.

World of Warcraft is still a favorite of gamers thanks to the innovations that continue to be the developers. The sixth set expansion was launched August 30, 2016, and is named Legion.


3. Texas Hold’em Poker


Texas Hold’em Poker attracted public attention since the 1960s and was followed by an increase in popularity. This poker game is played in the casino and is popular because it is more simple and n entertaining. After the internet presence, Texas Hold’em Poker can be played online and gradually glance people since 2000.

The trick of ‘bluffing’, or bullying another player by placing as high a bet as possible with a card in hand that is not always good, is the appeal of Texas Hold’em Poker online. Elements of tension and the amount of money that can be won make Texas Hold’em Poker into the most widely played casino online game.


4. Minecraft


Game released by Swedish game developer, Mojang, gained popularity after the loyal players of this game promote it in various social media. Some young vloggers (video bloggers) became popular and made a fortune after picking Minecraft as their video post theme.

There is even a Minecraft vlogger from Indonesia. This game has two modes. In creative mode the free player explores making buildings using unlimited resources. Good to train creativity in terms of design, especially for children. While survival mode requires players to defend themselves by defeating other players with the weapons they have.


5. Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft


This game is a type of digital collectable card game (CCG). Developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released March 24, 2011. This game is free to play by anyone, but there is also some paid content in it. Hearthstone can be played on devices with Microsoft Windows operating system and OS X.

Can also be played on mobile devices iPad, Android tablet and touch device Windows 8. Hearthstone is forecasted will still be played many gamers from various corners of the world until the next few years. As of January 2015, 25 million accounts have been registered on this online gaming site. This game is basically a card game in which a player can conquer an opponent by casting a spell or calling a minion to weaken the opponent’s strength.